Celebrating 5 Years of FREE

The FREE Campaign for Women celebrates five years! Director Tamra Oman: “It was
AMAZING – POWERFUL – and BEAUTIFUL!” 70 participants gathered from around the
state for a family friendly event in Eau Claire. FREE’s top 3 priorities are working for
safe, supportive housing for women impacted by the justice system, family reunification,
and financial stability.

Over 40 FREE Leaders across the state work with three regional organizers, a coordinator, and a director to identify, train, support, and empower formerly incarcerated women who are often left out of the conversations that affect the social, economic and political decisions that directly affect their lives.  FREE is committed to make sure their stories, voices and experiences are no longer ignored or pushed to the back.

State Assembly Representative Jodi Emerson, City Council Woman Jill Christopherson,
and County Board Supervisor Kim Cronk listened to amazing stories and were invited to
join in a journey of support and reform.

Visit to get involved or to offer support.