The Solitary Confinement Workgroup for ROC Wisconsin created a powerful, moving event that is being performed across the state.  “Like an Animal in a Cage: Voices from Solitary Confinement” was first proposed by Talib Akbar, MOSES Vice President and EXPO Board member.  Talib worked with MICAH’s Rev. Tonen O’Connor, who provided great leadership and experience in theater production.

Members of the MICAH Religious Leaders Caucus and EXPO members Andre Brown, Tom Hines, and William Harrell play roles and help to shape the production.  EXPO President Melissa Ludin and Keisha Russell provide courageous first-hand accounts of the horrors they survived in Solitary Confinement.

Audience members sign postcards to Gubernatorial Candidates, recognizing that the Governor is the one person in the state who could stop this brutal practice at any time.

To read an article about the making of the production, click HERE.

To see a video of the production in Milwaukee, click HERE.

2018 is the best opportunity we have had in many years to get some real change in Wisconsin’s penal system.  But, that will only happen if we demand it.

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