Ending Mass Incarceration in Wisconsin

ROC (Restoring our Communities) is WISDOM’s campaign to end mass incarceration in Wisconsin.

Download: ROC-WI-Brochure-June-2019

EXPO (EX-incarcerated People Organizing) is specifically for people who are formerly- incarcerated and those who love them.  EXPO offers specialized leadership training and engages those impacted by incarceration in reforming Wisconsin’s criminal justice system.  EXPO members lead WISDOM’s campaign tend mass incarceration in Wisconsin. Learn about EXPO HERE.


Wisconsin’s incarceration rate, especially of low-income people and people of color, is the highest in the upper Midwest. More disturbing is that Wisconsin’s rate of incarceration for African-American males is the highest in the nation – more than twice the national average, and several percent higher than Oklahoma, which ranks second.

The human costs of Wisconsin’s incarceration binge are staggering. In Milwaukee County, more than half of African-American men in their 30’s and 40’s have been incarcerated for periods of more than ten days. The devastation on local communities, families, schools and the economy are most evident in our urban areas. Numbers of rural and small-town residents, especially low- income people, in our jails and prisons have been rising.

And, the ever- expanding Corrections budget has slowly eroded public funding possibilities for things like health care, transportation and education. Formerly incarcerated people face enormous challenges in reintegrating in the community. They are marginalized in every possible way, especially in finding jobs and maintaining their family ties.