Running for THEIR Lives

EXPO leaders Ramiah Whiteside and Kevin Cook are running from Milwaukee to Madison to raise awareness of the devastation of COVID in our prisons.

The effort is called “Run for Their Lives.”  Ramiah and Kevin, who each spent more than 20 years in Wisconsin prisons are running to lift up the importance of the lives of the people who are still languishing in prison, especially those who are elderly and/or in poor health.  They are running on behalf of the more than 25 people who have died of COVID 19 in the prisons, and for the unknown number whose health was permanently damaged by the disease.  They are running to remind people that our brothers and sisters in prison are human beings worthy of care, especially knowing that there are those who would have denied the vaccine to people in prison just because they see them as unworthy of having their lives saved. People in cars will accompany Ramiah and Kevin along the way.

Ramiah and Kevin kicked off their run with a press conference. View the press conference, follow their progress and add your support on the EXPO Facebook page.