In its last days of the session, the Wisconsin State Assembly recklessly approved a massive new expenditure of tax dollars to build a prison we don’t need.  They amended Senate Bill 54 (SB54) so that it includes authorization to borrow $350 million to build a new prison, as well as another $50 million per year in additional spending.

The State Senate can stop this irresponsible plan.

On Tuesday, March 12, WISDOM members filled the state Capitol to let Senators know that SB54 is a terrible idea.  Delegations of WISDOM members visited the offices of all of our State Senators. The Senators need to stop SB54, and focus on policies that will actually make us safer.

•    $350 million is a huge amount of money that the Assembly added at the last minute.  That is reckless. Before spending our money on a new prison, the state needs to look at the ways it can safely reduce the prison population: by expanding Treatment Alternatives and Diversions (TAD); by ending Crimeless Revocations; by re-starting the Parole process.  We could cut down the prison population by thousands by just doing those things.
•    Other states, both Democrat and Republican-led, are reducing their prison populations.  Texas and Michigan are 2 examples of states that are closing prisons.  And, the states that are reducing their prison populations are the ones seeing the greatest DECREASE IN CRIME.

As citizens, we want our leaders to take a careful look at how we can have less people in prison, rather than make a rash decision to borrow $350 million for our children and grandchildren to pay back.

Contact your State Senator! Find the contact information here.