Stop the I-94 Expansion Project!

Stop the I-94 Expansion Project!

Governor Evers recently announced his plan to include in his budget for 2021-23 the I-94 expansion project between the Marquette and Zoo Interchanges in Milwaukee. In 2017, then-Governor Walker cancelled similar I-94 expansion plans, thanks in part to pressure from WISDOM’s Milwaukee affiliate, MICAH. But now Governor Evers is bringing it back!

Due to serious environmental and racial justice concerns about this zombie of a project, not to mention its steep price tag and research to show that expansions do not reduce congestion, we must make sure that this project is halted (again)! TELL GOVERNOR EVERS NOT TO INCLUDE THE EXPANSION IN HIS PROPOSED BUDGET!

Learn More: See the reasons why the I-94 expansion project was and still is a bad idea.

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