SUMMER OF SOLIDARITY Training Series Continues

Contact EXPO Organizer Peggy West,, for Autumn of Action.

Our next 5-week Community Organizing Training program starts on Thursday, September 10.  The training will be done on 5 consecutive Thursdays, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm, via Zoom.  We won’t be providing snacks, but you can bring your lunch! The topics  to be covered are:

1. Introduction to Organizing, and the Attitudes and Disciplines of Organizing
2. One-on-Ones
3. Issues and Actions
4. Effective Meetings
5. Building and Maintaining Teams

All are welcome but please sign up only if you are pretty sure you can attend at least 4 of the 5 weeks.

If you can’t make this session but are interested, contact your organizer to get on the list for future training opportunities.

Recordings of the Summer of Solidarity Trainings are here:

~ “Prisons and COVID-19”. It is about the dangers of having needlessly overcrowded prisons in a time of pandemic, it is about what Governor Evers can and must do about it, and it is about how we can make that happen.
Click here to view this session.

~ “Close GBCI, the Green Bay Correctional Institute”
Click here to view this session.
Click here for more information on the Close GBCI Campaign

~ “DACA, Immigrant Detention Centers, and Immigrant Support Opportunities”
Click here to view part 1
Click here to view part 2
American Dream song lyrics
Racine Interfaith Coalition’s Detained Migrants Project
What you Can Do

~ “Transportation”
Click to download: Transportation Presentation Summer of Solidarity
Call to Action: Please go to this link to add your name to the list of those opposing Gov. Evers’ ill-considered plan to revive the $1.1 billion highway expansion project for I-94.  And, invite your friends to do the same:
Keep-wi-moving-summary report 2013
Transportation Follow Up Notes

~ “FREE Campaign, Housing for Women”
Click to view this session: Free Campaign, Housing for Women
Click to download the slides: FREE Campaign Summer of Solidarity

Click to view this program: Voting Webinar Solidarity Summer
Click for the slides: Summer of Solidarity — Voting Rights
Click here to download the RVP, Relational Voter Program, Instructions
Click here specifically for the UnLock the Vote Campaign

~ “Mass Supervision: Revocations, How Probation and Parole Feed Mass Incarceration in the U.S.”
Click here to view this program: waiting for the link; please check back soon!
Click here for the newly released report, Revoked: How Probation and Parole Feed Mass Incarceration in the U.S.

~ “Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women”
Click here to view Part One
Click here to view Part Two
Click here for the slides from the presentation.
For more information, visit The Menominee Rebuilders

~ “Policing”
Click here to view the webinar
Click here for the slides from the presentation
Click here for the list of demands from the Minnesota Coalition
Click here for How to De-Criminalize Mental Health

~” Environmental Justice”
Click here to view the webinar
Click here to view the “chats”
Click here for NAOMI’s video