No Time Without a New Crime: Crimeless Revocations

WISDOM presents the findings of a ground-breaking Health Impact Assessment (HIA), titled Excessive Revocations in Wisconsin: The Health Impacts of Locking People Up Without a New Conviction.

The new report describes the impact on individuals, families and communities of Wisconsin’s pattern of incarcerating thousands of individuals each year for rule violations related to Extended Supervision, Parole or Probation.

Copies of the report and other materials are available on a new website,, dedicated to the study.  View it HERE.

Download the executive summary HERE.

Download the full report HERE.

Check out this article from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Man not guilty on gun charges at trial but still sent to prison in Wisconsin.

View Press Coverage of the HIA Study on Crimeless Revocations HERE
View Photo Gallery of the Press Release of Crimeless Revocations HERE

Here’s an update from the writers of the report.

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