Towards the New State Budget

Madison Action Day was a tremendous success for the WISDOM network! Our virtual morning plenary session was inspirational and exciting. If you missed it, or want to share with friends, you can find the event video here: It is a great way to see and hear who we are and what we value.

That afternoon, WISDOM leaders had dozens of Zoom meetings with state legislators of both political parties, and in every part of the state of Wisconsin. In every case, the elected officials heard directly from the people who are impacted by the decisions they make regarding our state budget.

The activities of Madison Action Day build on the testimonies of dozens of WISDOM leaders who spoke to the legislative Joint Finance Committee at each of the Public Hearings and the 102 personal letters to legislators from their constituents that were delivered to Madison. Every member of the legislature also received a printed copy of the WISDOM Priorities for Wisconsin booklet.

Continue to write to Joint Finance Committee members!

Use WISDOM’s proposals for the 2021-23 State Budget for talking points:

WISDOM Priorities for Wisconsin booklet