Promoting Public Transit

Transportation is essential for access to work, food, healthcare and social engagement. For many around the state, owning or driving a car is not a possibility, whether that is due to income level, disability or lack of driver’s license. In these cases, public transit becomes a necessity. For others, choosing public transit provides an environmentally-friendly and convenient alternative to driving.

WISDOM leaders from across the state work towards an effective plan that repairs local roads and provides transit rather than massive highways.  Help us provide an equitable solution to Wisconsin’s broken transportation system. Join our Transit Task Force, and mark your calendar for our Madison Action Day on April 15.

Governor Evers included in his budget for 2021-23 the I-94 expansion project between the Marquette and Zoo Interchanges in Milwaukee. In 2017, then-Governor Walker cancelled similar I-94 expansion plans, thanks in part to pressure from WISDOM’s Milwaukee affiliate, MICAH. But now Governor Evers is bringing it back!

Due to serious environmental and racial justice concerns about this zombie of a project, not to mention its steep price tag and research to show that expansions do not reduce congestion, we must make sure that this project is halted (again)! TELL THE JOINT FINANCE COMMITTEE NOT TO INCLUDE THE EXPANSION IN THE PROPOSED BUDGET!

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