Watching the Budget Process ~ An Unnecessary Highway

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) has introduced at least 2 measures into the proposed state budget that need to be watched because they provide a little bit of funding “in anticipation” of projects down the road.  Once we’ve spent money on a “study”, it creates rationale for going forward with a questionable project.

One such measure in the budget passed by JFC includes $20 million to keep alive/restart the I-94 East-West expansion that Gov. Walker cancelled in 2017. Throughout the I-94 East-West project’s years-long public input process, thousands of Milwaukeeans and Wisconsinites urged decision-makers to reject this highway expansion. They called on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to instead fix the Interstate without adding lanes, and to invest in local road repairs and public transit alternatives.

An increasing number of Wisconsinites rely on public transportation to connect to work, school, the doctor’s office, and social activities in their communities. JFC made a significant cut to the public transit investment proposed in Governor Evers’ executive budget. They should shift the $20 million currently earmarked for expanding I-94 to make up for this cut.

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