Senate Bill 54 is dead! This is huge victory, and it sets the stage for serious conversations about how our state must responsibly reduce the prison population.

Many WISDOM leaders helped to lead the opposition to SB54, the bill that would have irresponsibly spent $350 million to build a new prison in Wisconsin.  After so many visits and phone calls, the State Senate decided not to even vote on it: they completely dropped it from their legislative agenda.

WISDOM members really answered the call.  Hundreds contacted Senators’ offices.  About 100 WISDOM leaders went to the Capitol on short notice:  besides more than 50 MOSES members, there were people from MICAH, RIC, CUSH, ESTHER, JOSHUA, NAOMI and JOB.  We made a difference!

The Race to Justice Campaign now builds on that momentum.  The first Race to Justice training will be in Wausau.  Besides learning a lot about needed reforms, we will be building our statewide strategy to ensure that real change in the Criminal Justice system is a top theme of the fall elections.

The Race to Justice training will also be held in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Superior, and Eau Claire.  Click here for details.